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Company News About How to maintain the appearance of silicone products?
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How to maintain the appearance of silicone products?

Latest company news about How to maintain the appearance of silicone products?

Surface treatment is a more special treatment, for anything surface treatment can make your products become beautiful, the quality is more superior, feel more soft, each industry has a different surface treatment so in the silicone products industry we surface treatment process is the oil injection process. For example, we just took a bath, the body is more like CR, and the product has the same treatment method, so in order to maintain the quality of the appearance, do you know too much about the appearance treatment?


Many purchasing friends may not be very clear about the effect of oil injection and non-oil injection, especially for some products with relatively small appearance materials, and a process of appearance treatment may be able to change the grade of the entire product, so the effect of oil injection also depends on what kind of quality your silicone products are, what kind of price, etc., if it is accessories type supplies, Consumer goods and so on suggest that you can fully spray feel oil, if it is not the appearance of the internal parts of the entire finished product that there is no need to spray oil treatment.

Generally, silica gel manufacturers may feel little different from oil spray after sandblasting the surface of the mold surface, so it is difficult to distinguish the effect of the product with the eyes, or you need to feel the experience, the main characteristics of the oil spray products are smooth feel, relatively high surface finish, relatively flat face, will not produce sticky dust, wear resistance improvement, strong adhesion and so on.
The products without oil injection can see that their gloss is not high, and the feeling is not so smooth with the hand, especially the low hardness products will produce sticky dust phenomenon after a long time, the surface aging is accelerated in the humidity or wet place, and it will become very sticky after cleaning several times, of course, this also involves the performance of silicone raw materials and vulcanizing agents. In the purchase can also be based on the above to distinguish the product injection effect.