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Company News About How to prevent silicone products aging in summer
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How to prevent silicone products aging in summer

Latest company news about How to prevent silicone products aging in summer

Summer is a season with the most high temperature days of the year, as the temperature continues to rise, the intensity of ozone and ultraviolet rays is getting higher and higher, resulting in the rapid aging of silicone products, resulting in the life of silicone products reduced, so how to prevent the aging of silicone products in summer?


1. Prevent silicone products from being ventilated and dry, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight;

2. Soak in water for a while, because silica gel has strong hygroscopic ability;

3, in the surface coating of silicone products or add light screen agent, add paraffin wax and other treatment to avoid premature aging of silicone products;

4. Add about 1% amine or phenolic additives in silicone products, which can effectively prevent the effect of heat, oxygen, light and liquid.

For silicone products, raw materials of silicone products will have a storage period, and the temperature has a great relationship, if the temperature is about 20°C, silicone products can generally be stored for three years without problems. If stored at 35°C to 40°C, it is likely that silicone will stick together in less than a year, so try to use silicone products within the specified period.

In summer, we need to check silicone products often, if there is cracking, adhesion and other phenomena need to be dealt with quickly, do a good job of maintenance measures can ensure unnecessary losses, can also ensure the use of silicone products time.