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Company News About How to select suitable rubber products?
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How to select suitable rubber products?

Latest company news about How to select suitable rubber products?

First of all, we summarize the classification of rubber products. Rubber products include rubber seals for automobiles, rubber buffer blocks for industrial life, rubber coated iron parts, rubber seals, gaskets, rubber seals, rubber toys, rubber miscellaneous parts and rubber shaped parts, etc., and rubber products are made of preferred materials for different parts, with different functions of rubber products; Some rubber products have the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, beautiful appearance, bright color, etc., such as rubber sealing strip, rubber plug, rubber kit, rubber sealing products, etc.


Rubber products can also be customized according to demand, mold research and development design, so in the prototyping trial production, the need to design to meet the requirements of quality testing and use; At the same time, it should also be noted that when rubber products manufacturers choose materials, they also need to choose environmental protection and good performance; On the one hand, in order to do a good job of their own brand, on the other hand for the customer needs the quality of rubber products and star body customization, seiko fine, can also make rubber products durable, provide better use experience.