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Company News About How to trim silicone rubber products?
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How to trim silicone rubber products?

Latest company news about How to trim silicone rubber products?

When rubber model products are vulcanized, due to the influence of material conditions (material structure, the fluidity of the rubber material during vulcanization) and process conditions (such as the pressure of the plate vulcanization machine or the clamping force of the French press, the mold structure and wear condition), the rubber material will be lost along the parting surface of the mold, forming an overflow rubber edge of different thickness, which is also called raw edge or flash edge. In order to make the product fit the given size and ensure the appearance and quality of the finished product, most rubber model products need to be trimmed after vulcanization, even the rubber parts made by the so-called "non-rubber edge die" distance, still have a small amount of rubber edges, in most cases, these rubber edges still need to be removed. The process of removing the edge of rubber products is called trimming.


The finishing work of rubber model products mainly includes removing the rubber edge of the product and processing the beautiful surface of the product (such as grinding and rotation treatment of the product using a grinder and a lathe). The more complex the structure of the image strand with more surfaces and inner and outer dimensions, the more difficult it is to trim the edge, the more time it takes to remove the edge, and the greater the cost. According to statistics, the labor consumed by the trimming process of the gluing model products can reach 38% of the total labor required for the processing and molding of the products. Therefore, it is very necessary to realize the mechanization and automation of trimming processing to the maximum extent and improve the quality and efficiency of trimming.