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Company News About Rubber intake pipe of automobile engine
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Rubber intake pipe of automobile engine

Latest company news about Rubber intake pipe of automobile engine

The automobile industry is the largest market for rubber consumption. The amount of rubber consumed accounts for 70% of the rubber market. Among them, the rubber consumption of tires accounts for 60%. The other 40% is other rubber products. It is also the automobile rubber products that account for a large proportion of the 40% rubber accessories.


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We know that the reason why a car will run is because the combustion of fuel converts chemical energy into mechanical energy, and then the mechanical energy pushes the piston to reciprocate, and then transmits this power to the wheels, and then the car starts to move. In this process, the internal combustion engine is The essential.


The internal combustion engine fuel requires oxygen, but the cylinder is airtight and airtight. Of course, air is sent in. The function of the intake pipe is to transport air into the cylinder, but it is not as simple as sending air in directly.


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If the air contains dust or sand, it will cause irreversible damage to the cylinder. Therefore, before the air reaches the cylinder, there is a filter to filter impurities. The next step is to reach the cylinder. The section of the pipe from the air inlet to the filter and then to the cylinder is called the intake manifold.


The next step is to deliver air into the cylinder, but since there is more than one cylinder in the car, if you want to evenly distribute air into the cylinder, you need to use multiple pipes. This pipe has a professional name: intake manifold.



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Different types of cars have different shapes and lengths of air intake pipes. There are vertical and revolving types, which are mainly caused by the positioning of the car. For example, sports cars or off-road vehicles generally use vertical air intake pipes, while ordinary family cars The swirling type is used. The difference between the two is that the former has higher power requirements for the engine, while the latter mainly considers emissions and economic applicability. Why do you say that, because the swirling intake pipe makes it easy for air to enter the duct Swirl flow is generated, and the generation of vortex flow is beneficial to improve the mixing degree of air and fuel. Finally, the increase in mixing degree improves the combustion efficiency, which is the so-called fuel saving.


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