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Company News About Silicone products will not fade?
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Silicone products will not fade?

Latest company news about Silicone products will not fade?

Silicone products will not fade, silicone products with its unique softness, water resistance and aging resistance, in daily life and industrial production has been widely used. However, many consumers in the use of silicone products, will be concerned about a problem: silicone products will not fade, silicone products fading phenomenon is a complex problem, today to take you to understand the silicone products will not fade.


First, the reasons for fading of silicone products

There are many reasons for the fading of silicone products, mainly including the following aspects:
Light effects: Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light may damage the pigment molecules in silicone products, resulting in a lighter or fading color.
Oxidation: Silica gel products react with oxygen in the air during use, resulting in surface oxidation, which leads to color changes.
Temperature effect: Under high temperature environment, the molecular structure of silicone products may change, thus affecting its color stability.
Chemical erosion: Certain chemicals may react with silicone products, causing color changes or fading.


Second, the method to prevent the fading of silicone products

In order to extend the service life of silicone products and maintain their beauty, we can take the following measures to prevent fading:
Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: try to place silicone products in places that avoid direct sunlight, or use items such as sunshades to cover them.
Keep clean: Clean silicone products regularly to avoid the accumulation of stains and dust to keep their surface clean and shiny.
Avoid contact with chemical substances: try to avoid contact with strong acids, strong alkalis and other chemical substances of silicone products, so as not to cause chemical reactions to fade.
Choose high quality silicone products: Choose reliable quality and brand guaranteed silicone products when purchasing to ensure that it has good fading resistance.