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Company News About The characteristics of fluorine silicone rubber are introduced.
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The characteristics of fluorine silicone rubber are introduced.

Latest company news about The characteristics of fluorine silicone rubber are introduced.

Fluorine silica gel has outstanding high temperature resistance, oil resistance, especially resistance to double ester oil, chemical resistance, good physical and mechanical properties, satisfactory dielectric properties, non-flammability, weather resistance, excellent vacuum properties, radiation resistance; It can usually be used for a long time at 275℃ and for a short time at 320℃. Oil resistance, acid resistance is better than 1# glue; Weather resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, gas permeability and electrical properties and fire resistance are similar to 2# adhesive. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery, petrochemical and other fields. For example, it is used as a dynamic and static sealing material for hydraulic systems and lubrication systems of aircraft; Used as sealing materials for oil fields, oil cables and pipelines for oil fields and drilling equipment; The chemical industry is used as the lining of equipment, pipeline flexible connections, pumps, etc., or as a corrosion-resistant sealing material, and is made of pipes to transport or organic solvents or other corrosive media.


Compared with methyl vinyl silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. Even compared with fluorine rubber, oil resistance and solvent resistance are good. After impregnation in the same medium, temperature and time, it shows excellent durability, it can be said that fluorosilicone rubber is the only kind of elastomer resistant to non-polar media at -68℃ ~ 232℃. The resistance of fluorine silicone rubber to methanol containing gasoline is also relatively good, even in the gasoline/methanol mixed system, the hardness, tensile strength, volume changes of its vulcanized rubber are very small, after 500h long time impregnation test, the physical properties are almost unchanged.


The high-temperature decomposition of fluorine silica gel is the same as that of silicone rubber, that is, side chain oxidation, main chain fracture, side chain thermal decomposition and causing various complex reactions. Since the decomposition products can also cause the main chain to break, the heat resistance is usually worse than that of silicone rubber, and oxidation aging has begun at a temperature of 200 ° C. However, by adding a small amount of heat stabilizer such as iron, titanium, rare earth oxides, it can be significantly improved, and it has sufficient heat resistance even at 250℃ high temperature. The effect of temperature on fluorosilicone rubber is larger than that of silicone rubber, but smaller than that of fluororubber.


The weather resistance of fluorine silica gel is very good, even after 5 years of exposure, it still has good performance. Ozone is one of the most formed gases during the aging of elastomers, but no cracking or cracking phenomenon was found in fluorosilicone rubber after dynamic or static tests. In addition, fluorine silicone rubber mildew resistance, physiological inertia, anticoagulation is also very good. Fluorine silicone oil is resistant to olive oil, safflower oil, makeup remover oil, lubricating oil, brake oil, hydraulic oil and other inorganic, organic, polar, non-polar oils, no expansion, no contraction, stable size, oil resistance effect lasts a long time.


Fluorine silica gel is mainly used for the preparation of heat, oil and acid resistant rubber products. Such as seals, hoses, rubber pads and so on. The product can be used for a long time at 250 ° C and for a short time at 300 ° C. Its oil resistance is better than other varieties of fluorine rubber, and it can be used for parts that need oil resistance. Examples are as follows: Used as "○" ring, V-type sealing ring, oil seal bowl with metal skeleton, valve gasket, etc. These sealing materials can work for a long time at 200 ~ 250 ° C and for a short time at 300 ° C. In the petroleum industry: F26 rubber seals are used in drilling machinery refining equipment, natural gas desulfurization equipment, can withstand high temperature, high pressure, oil and strong corrosive media and other harsh conditions. In the chemical industry: F26 seals are used in pumps, pipe fittings and equipment containers to seal chemical substances such as inorganic acids and organics. In terms of building materials manufacturing: F26 can be used as cement single bin pump sealing rubber ring, which is about 10 times longer than the sealing ring made of natural rubber.