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Company News About The Difference Of Hardness Of Various Silicone Products, How To Control Silicone Hardness.
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The Difference Of Hardness Of Various Silicone Products, How To Control Silicone Hardness.

Latest company news about The Difference Of Hardness Of Various Silicone Products, How To Control Silicone Hardness.

Friends who often contact silicone products will find that some silicone products feel softer, and some silicone products are harder, which is often referred to the hardness of silicone products. Silicon pixel products have different requirements for the hardness of rubber and plastic products in different occasions and different use environments. How about the hardness of all kinds of silicone products? What is the difference in hardness of silica gel? What is the hardness standard of silica gel?


For the use of different fields to choose different hardness of silicone products, the conventional low hardness can reach about 10 degrees, or even lower to 3-5 degrees, usually used silicone products conventional hardness between 30 and 70 degrees. It is also the reference hardness of most products, but the hardness of silica gel products of special materials can reach about 80-95 degrees.

Another is the ordinary silicone processing technology, that is, solid silicone products processing technology, at present, the entire silicone industry in the solid silicone products processing technology can be achieved lower softness is 10 degrees, higher hardness is 90 degrees, although higher can also be done, but the defective rate is too high, the product is very brittle, the cost is high, and not easy to release. Therefore, the most suitable hardness for the solid process is between 30 degrees and 70 degrees.

Silica gel tear resistance changes, the higher the hardness of the product tear resistance will be weaker, especially the right Angle of the product prone to tear fracture phenomenon, the lower the hardness, the better the tear effect, different hardness tear effect is different. Of course, this also depends on the amount of glue in the product, and the silicone scalability and related performance of different amounts of glue are also very different.

Deformation caused by a certain telescopic force, telescopic force is an important control index of silica gel material, just related to hardness, different hardness and vulcanization process temperature and pressure have a great impact on the tensile deformation of silica gel material.


Wear resistance and fatigue change, different hardness of products on wear resistance and fatigue are different, the hardness of ordinary silica gel material increases with the increase of the content of white carbon black, and the phenomenon of fatigue reduction after long-term run-in will also occur.

Different elasticity, elasticity is one of the important properties of silicone materials, so different hardness of materials have an impact on each different application products, and the difference in hardness changes is too large, may lead to the use of the entire product, and even affect every link of the entire product!

Therefore, many customers in the purchase of silicone products did not correctly explain the use of hardness, the hardness of the material requirements are not specified, but the hardness of silicone products can directly affect the use of your entire product, or do not understand the hardness of silicone material friends can first understand the hardness of silicone material and then decide the hardness of it!