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Company News About The price of raw rubber fell sharply
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The price of raw rubber fell sharply

Latest company news about The price of raw rubber fell sharply

The total volume of shipments of the global silicone rubber products market reached a record high this year, and the annual growth rate is estimated to be 8.3% for the whole year. According to the industry, the silicone rubber products industry may usher in the opportunity of rapid development. The industry continues to be optimistic about the rapid development of silicone rubber products and upstream and downstream industries, and the demand growth trend is expected to slow down until 2025.


The latest monitoring data shows: this year's shengjiao roller-coaster market, from the start of the rapid rise at the end of August, after four months to reach the highest price of 35,000 yuan/ton, in mid-December quickly fell to today's main enterprises reported 23,000 yuan/ton, a drop of as much as 12,000 yuan per ton, trade holders of large losses.Historical data shows: now is the opportunity to restock in the middle and lower reaches.


Public information shows that a number of upstream enterprises have received further notification of normal off-peak production.Promote the normalization of industrial production area and time, and the time is from December to March 10 of the next year.