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Company News About The rubber dropping process of silicone keys.
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The rubber dropping process of silicone keys.

Latest company news about The rubber dropping process of silicone keys.

With the rapid development of silicone products, the production technology of silicone keys is also rapidly improved and mature, silicone keys are used in various industries, and the silicone keys made are more beautiful, some will screen print logo, screen print font, feel very good to use, the use of life is also very long, usually the number of use of silicone keys is about 200,000 times, There are some more exquisite silicone buttons are crystal clear, the surface is smooth and beautiful; In fact, the surface of the silicone button is smooth and beautiful because it has been processed by the glue dropping process.


So, how to carry out the glue dropping process of silicone keys?


1. Generally, the rubber dropping of silicone keys uses epoxy resin as a material, and then mixes it with the curing agent, and then drops it on the surface of the silicone keys, and then puts it for a certain period of time, after it dries, the silicone keys will be more beautiful, and also protect the appearance of the silicone keys from damage;

2 silicone button is anticorrosive, waterproof, wear resistance, good-looking and other advantages, good-looking is its crystal clear appearance, can increase the gloss of the product, such as the silicone button drop process of the application range is relatively wide, can be used for glass, metal, ceramics and other materials production process;

3. Generally, when the glue dropping process is carried out, high purity epoxy resin and curing agent will be mixed and prepared in proportion, and then put into the glue drip irrigation, and then drop a certain epoxy resin on the silicone button with the glue drip irrigation, and then place the silicone button after the glue drop for about 12h, so that it is fully cured, and after the curing is completed, the glue dropping process will be completed.

In short, the glue dropping process is an important part of the production of silicone keys, so that the production can not only achieve crystal clear silicone keys, but also make the silicone keys have a good feel and gloss, notes: can not be placed too much epoxy resin, to prevent the production of poor products.