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Company News About The use of conductive silicone products in the electronics industry.
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The use of conductive silicone products in the electronics industry.

Latest company news about The use of conductive silicone products in the electronics industry.

With the development of industrial production and scientific skills, we continue to make new requests for conductive silica gel data. In the field of electronic and electrical appliances, because of the rapid development of integration skills and assembly skills, electronic components, logic circuits to light, thin, small direction, heat is also added, and then the need for high thermal insulation data, useful to remove the heat generated by electronic equipment, which is related to the service life of the product and the reliability of quality. The traditional way to deal with the heat dissipation of electronic equipment is to pad a layer of insulating medium between the heating body and the heat dissipation body as thermal conductivity data, such as mica, polytetrafluoroethylene and beryllium oxide ceramics, etc., this method has a certain effect, but there are poor thermal conductivity, low mechanical function, and advanced defects. At present, some of the heat dissipation of electronic equipment is processed by various forms of heat sinks, but most of them are necessary to be processed by thermal conductivity data, and thermal silica gel data is the most important member of thermal conductivity data. In this paper, the application of thermal paste and thermal silicone sheet to provide heat conduction treatment for electronic equipment is proposed. Thermal conductive silicone rubber material is a typical polymer composite material, its thermal conductivity function is mainly determined by the type of thermal conductive filler and the dispersion of thermal conductive filler in the silicone rubber matrix, thermal conductive filler is divided into metal filler and inorganic non-metallic filler, the thermal conductivity mechanism of various fillers is not the same, and the resolution of the difference between thermal conductivity or thermal conductivity. Thermal conductive paste is a mechanical mixture of silicone oil and thermal conductive filler. It has the characteristics of setting at any time, high thermal conductivity, non-curing and no corrosion to interface data. In electronic equipment, there are many contact surfaces and installation surfaces between various electronic components, there is a gap between them, resulting in poor warm flow, in order to deal with this problem, usually fill the thermal paste between the contact surface, use the activity of the thermal paste to sweep the air between the interface, drop or even eliminate thermal resistance.


Thermal silicone sheet is a sheet of thermal insulating silicone rubber processed by a special production process. It has the characteristics of natural viscosity, high thermal conductivity, high compressibility, high cushioning and so on. It is mainly used in the gap filling data of heating equipment and heat sink and casing, because of its soft material and elastic variable under the effect of low pressure force. It can touch the surface of the equipment even for the rough surface structure, reduce the air thermal impedance, and excellent treatment of thermal conductive silicon paste after high temperature silicone oil seepage, dust accumulation on the surface and other defects.