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Company News About These three aspects of maintaining your silicone seal
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These three aspects of maintaining your silicone seal

Latest company news about These three aspects of maintaining your silicone seal

Silicone sealing ring, in the long-term adhesion and metal pressing extrusion, after frequent stress resulting in silicone sealing ring does not rebound, no stress phenomenon, as the manufacturer will tell you how to maintain and long-term use of silicone sealing ring in three angles.


Some seals are used in harsh environments for a long time, such as oxygen, heat, and light under the action of aging phenomenon resulting in phase distortion, so in the early stage for the use of silicone seals environment and time, etc. need to consider whether the material and product can maintain a long-term life, elasticity is not affected and so on. Generally start from these three aspects.


The ambient temperature of the silicone seal ring
In the process of use, a variety of high and low temperature is a major factor affecting the product, although the silicone material can accept more than 200 degrees to -40 degrees of high temperature, but long-term suitable for harsh heat conditions will accelerate the aging of the silicone seal ring, the higher the temperature, the greater the deformation of the product will be, and the largest force deformation of the silicone material is generally more than 40% will completely lose working performance. Causes the seal to leak and so on. When used at low temperatures, it is recommended to appropriately increase the compression and tensile degree. When used at low temperatures, attention should be paid to the phenomenon of product necrosis and deformation and rupture.


The tensile degree of the silicone sealing ring
Tensile degree is one of the main operating capabilities of silicone sealing ring, so in the production of silicone products manufacturers will choose the corresponding pull strength material and various hardness of the use of conditions, so for long-term repeated use of the demand can choose high tensile silicone material processing production, in order to prevent the growth of products over time and affect the performance of the product, Due to the long-term operation of silicone rubber beyond the tensile range of the use of the case will often make the product become relaxed, lose tension, so in sufficient conditions to reduce the tensile degree of work intervention, long-term use of the biggest factor affecting the deformation of silicone material, so reduce the working pressure is the best way to maintain the seal ring.


Selection of raw materials for silicone sealing rings
In addition, high quality materials are used in the performance of the product, and the higher the high tensile and product hardness properties, the better the product quality.