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Company News About Type of silicone sealed coil.
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Type of silicone sealed coil.

Latest company news about Type of silicone sealed coil.

Types of silicone sealing coils

In a broad sense, silicone sealing coils are supporting parts of wiring equipment, also known as sealing sleeves or sealing rings. Although silicone sealed coils are an important part, they play an important role as a small supporting part. Very small, there are countless species in production and daily life. The type of silicone sealing coil is primarily classified based on material and appearance.


Silicone sealed coils are classified according to their raw materials:

1. PVC coil is primarily made of elastic PVC material. The sealing sleeve of the product is injection molded, and the end face has a clear interface, which has a certain impact on the appearance of the product. PVC rolls are more suitable for low-end products due to their low price and poor quality. Due to inability to meet job requirements, the product is no longer available.

2. Silicone sealed coils are made of silicone through high-temperature vulcanization. Silicone materials, due to their unique physical functions, determine the excellent functionality of silicone sealing coil products, both in terms of appearance and physical function, making them the best choice for producing silicone sealing coil products. There are many types of silicone materials used in the production of silicone maintenance coils. The commonly used ones now include natural rubber, nitrile rubber, fluororubber, and silicone rubber. Customers can customize silicone sealing coils with different rubber materials according to their product requirements to meet the requirements of the application environment.