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Company News About What are the common problems of silk-screen silicone products?
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What are the common problems of silk-screen silicone products?

Latest company news about What are the common problems of silk-screen silicone products?

Silicone products are currently a wide variety of processes, different product needs to use different processes, and most products can not avoid the screen printing process, for the screen printing process is not only in the silicone industry, many of the patterns of products in life need to be printed will be completed by screen printing workers, Because the screen printing mat has many talents and is widely recognized in many industries, its process is to use two-component liquid silicone and curing agent color paste to make the required screen printing color, and complete the screen printing process through the screen printing machine. In the silicone rubber industry, its purpose is to realize the pattern of the product appearance with the font engraving. For example, our common silicone buttons are one of them.


For the screen printing process, it has many excellent characteristics, good fluidity, strong adhesive viscosity, stable resistance to high and low temperatures, good weather resistance and aging performance, the product pattern is more three-dimensional and feel, the screen printing pattern also has excellent peeling strength, wear resistance and brightness; It is also waterproof, non-slip, breathable, resistant to high and low temperatures, and has excellent leveling property. What details do you need to pay attention to in the silk-screen printing process in the production process of silicone products manufacturers?

The screen printing process has high requirements for the pattern, so it will appear in some silicone buttons and silicone protective sleeves and other processes. The ink of the product is more important for the screen printing mat. Good quality ink will improve the quality of the pattern, and some products will fade after long-term use. There are mainly several reasons that lead to the product fading phenomenon :1. The baking temperature of silicone products after screen printing is too low and the time is short, resulting in poor character wear resistance of silicone products after screen printing, and the characters begin to become blurred after several times of use; 2, the quality of screen printing ink is too poor, affecting the surface of silicone products. 3, the surface of silicone products is too dirty, preventing the adsorption of screen printing ink and silicone, causing the character to be wiped away.