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Company News About What are the damping rubber products of the car?
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What are the damping rubber products of the car?

Latest company news about What are the damping rubber products of the car?

At present, there are hundreds of manufacturers of rubber products for automotive vibration reduction in China, and their products mainly include rubber springs, rubber air springs, frame beams, engine suspension shock absorbers, torsional dampers, etc. It plays an important role in limiting vehicle emissions, reducing noise, improving ride comfort and safety. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, especially the requirements for safety, comfort and easy driving are getting higher and higher, the amount of silicone products for automotive vibration reduction is increasing year by year, and the market demand for domestic automotive vibration reduction rubber products is about 150 million in 2008, and the number of high-end car production is increasing in the future. The market demand for rubber products for automotive vibration reduction is growing faster, so the demand for materials is also diversified. However, it is necessary to choose according to the different parts of the product used, from the consideration of fatigue resistance and creep performance, choose natural rubber; If you want to improve its heat resistance, choose styrene butadiene rubber; If the dynamic heat generation is small, you can choose butadiene rubber; If the rubber vibration reduction product is in contact with various oil media at work, nitrile rubber is selected; Due to stricter restrictions on automobile exhaust emission standards, the temperature of the engine and exhaust pipe is increased, and the rubber used in these parts needs to use EPDM rubber with high heat resistance.


The future development direction of China's automotive shock absorber is standardization and serialization, and the emphasis should be placed on the hydraulic shock absorber and torsion shock absorber that have been successfully applied abroad. Improve the level of detection and testing technology, develop new vibration damping rubber materials, the development of rubber vibration damping materials should further improve its heat resistance, the development of low dynamic rate, high damping new elastomer materials.