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Company News About What are the main reasons for the aging life of automotive silicone seals?
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What are the main reasons for the aging life of automotive silicone seals?

Latest company news about What are the main reasons for the aging life of automotive silicone seals?

Silicone seal is a widely used sealing products, used in a variety of electronic appliances, mechanical equipment, automotive industry and other fields, with waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation and other excellent performance. However, sometimes the seal will be brittle, which will affect its sealing performance. So, what is the main reason for the brittle silicone seals?


In the process of use in different environments, the material and formula of silicone seals determine their elasticity and stability. If the silicone parts in the production process, raw materials do not meet the standards or there is a deviation in the formula, it is easy to affect the long-term stability of the silicone products. In addition, if the ambient temperature is too high or too low in the process of storage and use of seals, it is also easy to lead to unstable performance of silicone materials leading to insufficient life.

Silicone products may also cause brittleness during use because of excessive pressure or improper use methods. For example, if the silicone material is excessively stretched or squeezed during the assembly process, it is easy to cause its deformation or rupture. In addition, if the seal is frequently exposed to corrosive substances or high temperature environments during use, it may also cause deterioration, thus affecting its performance and life.


The design and manufacturing processes also affect the risk of brittleness. If the design of the seal is unreasonable, such as complex structure or large curvature, it is easy to produce stress concentration during use, resulting in brittleness. In addition, if the silicone products manufacturers improper production operations, such as improper temperature and time control will also affect the performance and stability of the seals.

In summary, the reasons for the brittleness of silicone seals are more complex, involving both materials and formulas, and the use of the environment and mode of use, but also inseparable from the design and manufacturing process. Therefore, in the process of selection and use of seals, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the specifications, pay attention to the ambient temperature and use method, and select the right products and manufacturers to ensure the quality and stability of seals. At the same time, manufacturers of seals should also strengthen quality control and technology research and development, improve the reliability and stability of products, and provide users with better products and services.