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Company News About What is conductive silica gel
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What is conductive silica gel

Latest company news about What is conductive silica gel

Conductive Silicone is a type of silicone material that is made from basic silicone rubber and carbon, usually in the form of carbon black or conductive granules. Its properties make it ideal for applications requiring strong electrical conductivity, like static charge reduction and EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) shielding.

The silicon base offers a degree of flexibility that allows it to be used in a variety of ways and also makes it resistant to heat, making it ideal for applications where it must remain stable in a wide range of temperatures without compromising its electrical properties.

The carbon component of the silicone acts as the electrical conductor, allowing for the transfer of electrical current. The carbon used can be varied depending on the desired electrical properties of the material, including electrical resistance and conductivity.

Conductive silicone is used in a number of applications, ranging from medical and aerospace to automotive and consumer electronics. It is often used in gaskets, seals, and other rubber components to improve the electrical properties of these products. It is also used as a shielding material to reduce interference from electromagnetic waves, as well as a static dissipative material to reduce static charge buildup.

Overall, conductive silicone provides a unique combination of flexibility and electrical properties, making it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial, automotive and consumer electronic applications.