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Company News About What is silicone sealed coil?
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What is silicone sealed coil?

Latest company news about What is silicone sealed coil?

What is silicone sealed coil?


Silicone sealing coil is a silicone product that can play a sealing role in all walks of life. It has excellent sealing function, electrical insulation function, strong tensile strength, and the temperature range of silica gel is about -40 to 280 degrees.


Silicone sealed coil features:

1. Outstanding ability to compress and deform;
2. Resistant to neutral solvents;
3. Excellent heat and cold resistance;
4. Good electrical insulation, not easy to age;
5. Excellent resistance to ozone and oxidative corrosion.
Silicone sealing coil technical parameters:
Product specifications: φinner diameter mm × outer diameter mm(inner wall thickness = outer diameter);
Product color: Customizable.
Product hardness: about 60 degrees, other hardness can be customized according to requirements;