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Company News About What is the difference between silicone products and rubber products?
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What is the difference between silicone products and rubber products?

Latest company news about What is the difference between silicone products and rubber products?

Silicone products and rubber products are two kinds of products in the same industry. They both possess advantages and just have a few small differences.

The main difference between the two is that silicone is classified as a synthetic rubber and rubber is natural. Also, silicone retains its elasticity and flexibility for much longer, potentially for the lifetime of the product, and can withstand more extreme temperatures than rubber. Both materials are used for a variety of products from medical supplies to automotive parts, but silicone is most popular for use in industrial products where cleanliness, sanitation, and resistance to particular chemicals are important.

Rubber has several advantages due to the fact that it is natural, with the first (and perhaps most important) being that it consists of certain organic compounds that can resist certain organic compounds and bacteria. Its low cost and light weight make it a popular product for applications like car parts and gaskets. Rubber also possesses good insulation and elasticity.

Silicone products are more expensive and less durable than rubber, but their ability to withstand extreme temperatures within the range of –50 to + 200 Celsius degrees, their low toxicity, and lack of sensitive functional chemistry means they are ideal for products that require a safe and resilient material. Other advantages include greater flexibility, resistance to solvents, and inert nature, which makes them non-reactive with other chemicals.

Both rubber and silicone products offer advantages that make them ideal for certain products or applications. The choice between the two will depend largely on the application and function of the product itself.