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Company News About What kind of oil seal material is good?
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What kind of oil seal material is good?

Latest company news about What kind of oil seal material is good?

Common oil seal materials are: nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, acrylic rubber, polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene and so on.

Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)

It has good heat and wear resistance, resistance to all kinds of lubricating oil, grease, oil and gas mixture, suitable for temperature -30~120 degrees Celsius, but can not be used in phosphate ester hydraulic oil and gear oil containing extreme pressure additives, stable performance in gasoline and low aniline point mineral oil.

Polyacrylate rubber (ACM)

Excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, ozone resistance, UV radiation resistance, especially resistance to extreme pressure liquid agent lubricating oil, gear oil, motor oil, oil, petroleum hydraulic oil, suitable for -30~150 degrees Celsius range of work.

Fluorine rubber (FPM)

Aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, almost suitable for all lubricating oil, fuel oil, gasoline, in the oil containing extreme pressure additives is not easy to harden, but cold resistance, high temperature wear resistance is poor, permanent compression deformation is larger, suitable for temperature -20~250 degrees Celsius.

Silicone rubber

With outstanding high and low temperature resistance, can be used at 150 degrees Celsius for a long time without performance changes; It can be used continuously for 10000h at 200 ℃, and can maintain its unique advantages of elasticity, ozone resistance, weather resistance and so on in the working temperature range of -70~260.