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Company News About What rubber shock absorbers are used in cars?
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What rubber shock absorbers are used in cars?

Latest company news about What rubber shock absorbers are used in cars?

With the development of social economy, domestic and foreign cars are frequently replaced, and the automobile industry is facing a period of rapid change. The development is characterized by further improving the service life of cars under the premise of ensuring driving safety, riding comfort, high-speed driving and luxury. Shock absorbing products are used to control the vibration and noise of the automobile and improve its handling stability, generally placed in the automobile engine frame, pressure rod device, suspension bushing, center bearing bracket, bump limiter and torsional vibration shock absorber and other parts to improve the safety and comfort of the automobile. Shock absorption products can be divided into four categories: bracket, bushing, cushioning and damping, the main requirements of shock absorption, heat resistance and fatigue resistance. Automotive shock absorbing rubber products include engine supports, suspension components, rubber springs, rubber air springs and collision rubber protective parts. In recent years, in order to improve the safety, comfort and operability of automobiles, the variety and number of shock-absorbing rubber products for automobiles have been increasing, such as the number of shock-absorbing rubber products on a car has reached 50-60.


Rubber shock absorbers for the engine and transmission operating system are used to insulate the vibration of the source. Multi-lateral coupling and damping clutch are adopted for shock absorption in transmission part. The shock absorber used on the front and rear suspension device should not only bear the weight of the car body, but also prevent the car body from transmitting the up and down vibration of the wheel, restrain the irregular movement of the unsprung mass, and transmit power and braking force. The rubber buffer is one of the important shock absorbers of the car body. Its structure form is that there is a rubber layer between two metal plates, and the shear deformation of rubber is used to achieve the purpose of buffering. Recently, the cylinder buffer filled with nitrogen and co-existing with shock absorber oil has been developed, which is characterized by improving the load capacity of the buffer (up to 20 MPa), good shock absorption effect, and prolonging its service life. The rubber materials used in automotive rubber shock absorbers are mainly NR and SBR. In order to improve the heat resistance of shock absorber products, IR, IIR, CR, EPDM and so on have been used as the main material. Thermoplastic elastomers will also be used in some shock absorbers, such as body and chassis shock absorbers.