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Company News About Which is better for silicone rubber products sprayed with matte oil or PU?
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Which is better for silicone rubber products sprayed with matte oil or PU?

Latest company news about Which is better for silicone rubber products sprayed with matte oil or PU?

For the surface treatment of silicone rubber products, we usually use two methods of spraying matte oil or PU to improve and enhance the surface effect.


So which treatment process is better for spraying matte oil or spraying PU? Next, we will introduce the characteristics of these two processes separately.


Matte Oil is usually called Feeling Oil, which is the most commonly used process for surface treatment of silicone rubber products.


After the silicone rubber product is formed, the surface is usually astringent, the hand feeling is not very good, and it is easy to generate static electricity and absorb fine dust. Usually, we spray matte oil on the surface, which can reduce the generation of static electricity, improve the surface effect, make the hand feel more delicate and smooth, and increase the selling point of the product.


The matte oil has strong adhesion, the surface is smooth after spraying, the hand feels silky and the wear resistance of the surface is enhanced, and the alcohol resistance and salt spray performance are improved. This process is usually used in silicone rubber buttons, protective covers for electronic products, wristbands and other silicone rubber products.


PU is also called Polyurethane material. It belongs to an organic polymer material. Its characteristics are that it can effectively protect the characters and patterns on the surface of silicone rubber products. It has better wear resistance than matte oil and has a longer protection period. This remarkable feature is widely used in many fields, such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, light industry, electronics, construction, medical, chemical, energy and many other fields.


However, spraying PU also has its shortcomings. When we touch it with our hands, we feel that the surface is not as delicate as matte oil, slightly rough, and the rate of defective workmanship is relatively high, and the relative cost is also higher.