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Company News About Which kind of rubber is better for oil seal?
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Which kind of rubber is better for oil seal?

Latest company news about Which kind of rubber is better for oil seal?

There are indeed many rubber raw materials for oil seals, such as nitrile butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber, hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, AEM and so on.


However, which raw materials to use as oil seals are selected according to the requirements of the use of oil seals. The use of oil seal environment is hot oil state, need temperature resistance, oil resistance.


1, silicone rubber is not oil resistant, does not meet the requirements, eliminated;

2, if the temperature of the working part is low, generally within 120 degrees, NBR is optional, and the relative price is also suitable;

3, if the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, you need to choose ACM, but its gasoline resistance is not good, processing problems are more, compression time will be long deformation. Oil seals made of ordinary ACM materials are prone to oil leakage under high-speed operation. Consider using AEM.

4, if the requirements are higher, the cost is more relaxed, fluorine rubber is the best choice. Now fluorine rubber raw rubber on tens of yuan, such as the cost constraints are basically solved, fluorine rubber cost-effective.

5, if the requirements are higher, such as the seal inside the oil well, you can only use hydrogenated nitrile rubber.