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Company News About Which seals better, O-ring or gasket?
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Which seals better, O-ring or gasket?

Latest company news about Which seals better, O-ring or gasket?

Nowadays, O-type sealing ring and sealing gasket are widely used in industry and life. Sometimes we will struggle, which kind of sealing effect is better? Let's look at the similarities and differences.

The similarities between O-ring and gasket:

Both meet the implied condition: when the sealing contact pressure is greater than the pressure of the sealed medium, the sealing effect is maintained;

When the sealing contact pressure is less than the pressure of the sealed medium, the gasket or O-ring is pushed open, and a large amount of leakage occurs in the medium.

The difference between O-ring and gasket:

The flat gasket seal consists of gaskets, flanges and bolts, forming a complex statically indeterminate system; The seal contact pressure is provided by the deformation of the bolt. The contact pressure distribution of the flat gasket is uniform when it is working. When the medium pressure fluctuates and is greater than the contact pressure, the leakage may occur.

In contrast, for the condition of constant pressure, both of them can be matched;

However, for variable working conditions, when the pressure rises, it is possible to exceed the contact pressure range of the gasket, and the medium top opening sealing gap leakage. O-ring finish blasting gasket.

In application, gasket is only used for static sealing, O-ring can be used for static sealing, but also can be used for reciprocating linear motion of the dynamic seal.

In the design, the traditional sealing design method of gasket is not strict enough, the new design specification of flange gasket is in the process of test research; O ring design as long as the design manual on the line, both simple and reliable, convenient and practical.

In fact, whether it is O-ring or gasket, the most important thing is suitable, can be better play its sealing role.