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Company News About Why do rubber products need vulcanization?
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Why do rubber products need vulcanization?

Latest company news about Why do rubber products need vulcanization?

The vulcanization process is that the molecular structure of rubber is more stable, and some of the original unsaturated chemical bonds have cross-linked reactions, so the saturation of vulcanized rubber is further increased, reducing the unsaturated chemical bonds that are prone to chemical reactions, and improving the corrosion resistance of common acid, alkali and salt, organic solvents and other substances.


Rubber products often require some post-treatment after vulcanization to become qualified finished products. This includes:

① The edge trimming of rubber mold products, so that the surface of the product is smooth and the outline size meets the requirements;

② After some special processing, such as the surface of the product treatment, so that the use of special purpose products have improved the performance;

③ Products containing fabric skeleton such as tape, tires and other products should be cooled under inflation pressure after hot tensile cooling and vulcanization to ensure the size, shape stability and good performance of the product.