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Company News About Why is clear silicone more expensive
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Why is clear silicone more expensive

Latest company news about Why is clear silicone more expensive

Transparent silica gel keys as the name implies are transparent silica gel keys, the glue is transparent, generally speaking, the color of transparent silica gel keys is relatively light silica gel keys. This is also the main reason for the high production cost of transparent silicone keys.

See the above paragraph you may not understand why the transparent silicone button will be more expensive, the following small make up will talk in detail. Transparent silica gel keys because the glue is transparent, there are some dirt, gas traces, pinholes and bubbles on the surface are clear at a glance, which greatly increases the difficulty of production of silica gel keys, and the cost will also increase.

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Dirty in some dark color of the silicone button surface, there are a lot of acceptable, in this case, a part of the slight is a good product; The same is true of air traces; For pinholes, it depends on the size of the hole. If it exceeds a certain standard, it is definitely not very acceptable. Bubbles are unacceptable, and this is undesirable.