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Company News About Why is the molding process preferred when customizing silicone rubber products?
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Why is the molding process preferred when customizing silicone rubber products?

Latest company news about Why is the molding process preferred when customizing silicone rubber products?

This process has high quality requirements and is composed of silica gel and plastic liquid. This product has good thermal stability, cold resistance, good electrical insulation, combustion does not produce toxic substances and other characteristics. Therefore, it has become an irreplaceable material in the design of health care products, automobiles, baby products, medical supplies, diving supplies, kitchenware and silicone sealing products.


Extrusion molding, extrusion silicone products are usually extrusion silicone molding through the extruder, the general shape of extrusion silicone is long, tubular can be arbitrarily cut, extrusion process of the product shape is relatively single, mostly bar shape. Silicone rubber tubes are widely used in medical and mechanical equipment fields. It can also be used as a cache in packaging materials.


The silicone rubber is mixed with silica black, silicone oil, etc., and then rolled into a sheet. The film prepared by the calendering method has obvious difference between the longitudinal physical and mechanical properties and the transverse physical and mechanical properties, which is called the calendering effect. Specifically, the longitudinal tensile force of the film is larger than the transverse tensile force, the elongation of the transverse tensile force of the film is larger than the longitudinal tensile force, and the longitudinal contraction of the film is larger than the transverse contraction. The pressure effect is caused by the orientation of macromolecules and acicular and sheet complexes in the compound in the direction of pressure. Compound composition, calendering temperature, speed, speed ratio and so on have certain influence on the size of calendering effect. Suitable for large products, such as silicon film, silicone plate, etc. Injection mold operation method: injection mold or injection mold, suitable for relatively smooth or simple products, do not need mold line to save labor and time, the product or model you want to copy with plastic plate or glass plate surround, vacuum silica gel directly into the product above, after the silicone dry molding, take out the product, The injection mould is ready (Note: The injection mould is generally easier to release with soft silicone, which will not damage the products in the injection mould). It is a combination of solid and liquid, using products such as mobile phone covers, luggage covers, etc. Fast vulcanization, strong viscosity, good fluidity, easy to defoam. Catalyzed by platinum complex, non-toxic, odorless; Excellent thermal stability and cold resistance (use temperature -60° C ~200° C), after forming, air permeability, heat resistance, high tensile strength, excellent anti-slip performance; No pollution; Low hardness; The planting adhesive is firmly bonded. High tear resistance, high transparency, good tensile properties. Wear resistance, wash resistance, high temperature resistance, high three-dimensional layer sense, fabric smooth, soft, soft texture is excellent, good elasticity, wash and dry cleaning resistance. Used on cloth, it has anti-aging effect. For example, insulating silicone gloves, rain shoes and so on.