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Company News About Why should silicone products be vulcanized?
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Why should silicone products be vulcanized?

Latest company news about Why should silicone products be vulcanized?

In addition to some thermoplastic silicone which does not require vulcanization, both natural rubber and synthetic silicone rubber need to use vulcanizing agents to vulcanize. After vulcanization, silicone rubber has a high application value, and its mechanical properties are greatly improved.

In order to avoid direct contact with metal Kun friction attack of static fire, advocate plastic wrap, and then participate in the Kun cylinder mixing. This product is very sensitive to the static electricity of open fire, the rubber mixer should be grounded. Pour cold or hot water off the oil. There are some silicone products manufacturers, mainly using food grade silicone.

When the vacuum degree is guaranteed and the vacuum time is coming, pay close attention to the high temperature. If the material temperature still does not meet the process requirements after the vacuum time arrives, it should continue to vacuum and continue to heat until the material temperature meets the requirements. The regeneration of silica gel after adsorption of organic impurities, roasting method for coarse pore silica gel, can be gradually heated in a baking furnace, about 1 hour later the rubber granules will be white or yellow brown.

In addition to this role, methyl diphenyl Rtemperature vulcanized silicone rubber in addition to this role, but also has a wider use temperature range than methyl indoor Rtemperature vulcanized silicone rubber.